Build, Run and Scale your Cannabis Business

Manage Projects, Licenses and Compliance in one simple platform.

Build, Run and Scale your Cannabis Business

Manage projects, Licenses and Compliance in one simple platform.


GreenSpacePro is a
purpose-built software solution.

Transforming complexity into simplicity and helping the cannabis industry reach its full potential.

Manage all aspects of your cannabis operations.

From community benefits, construction, licensing, and projects to ongoing compliance.

Simple Project Management

Easy to navigate your Projects, Locations, and manage your files.

Cannabis Specific

industry-related dropdowns and prepopulated templates to help you navigate through your cannabis business.

Guided Onboarding

Our customer success team helps train you on GreenSpacePro to ensure successful implementation.

Mobile First

In today's world you need access to your information everywhere you go. You need to run your business, and not sit behind your desk to access information.


Secure and reliable hosting, fail-safe implementation, and dedicated workspaces so your information is always safe.

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Our Customers

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GreenSpacePro is an integral part of Cookies' retail construction projects.


The management team at Ashe Society uses GreenSpacePro to help manage their day-to-day operations.

Benefits to using GreenSpacePro

Improve Workflow

Manage any type of project, from licensing and construction to marketing campaigns and M&A activities across departments and team members.

Stay Compliant

Monitor compliance tasks with expertly created checklists. Customize templates to meet regulatory requirements in your jurisdiction.

Avoid Penalties

Add expiration dates to licenses and permits to receive automatic renewal reminders. Track permits and tax deadlines on one platform.

Get Organized

Keep Track of all your licenses and locations, and the associated projects, staff, and contractors for each facility. Assign tasks to employees and teams with important files and projects.


Work together on projects and initiatives. Follow progress with shared timelines, group comments and notifications. Never miss a deadline with assigned tasks and due dates.

File Sharing

Create different permissions for different groups of employees, to enable file sharing on a need-to-know basis. Maintain your privacy with dedicated sharing permissions.

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Seed-to-sale software’s provides cannabis businesses with the ability to track and regulate their inventory from planting to final sale. GreenSpacePro offers the state of New York an easy and inexpensive alternative to what is currently on the market. Join our tutorial to see how the Track and Trace model can make your seed-to-sale tracking process seamless.