Case Studies

Look into how GreenSpacePro has provided digital solutions to aid cannabis business operations and efficiency

Ashe Society

GreenSpacePro helps us stay compliant with cannabis regulations, and that's a make or break for licensed operators.

- Elaine Lu, President


GreenSpacePro helped us synchronize dozens of construction projects across different states. It was a lifesaver. The important things do not fall through the cracks anymore.

- Luca Del Fante, VP of Construction

710 Labs

GreenSpacePro is extremely user-friendly. We have so many different software that we were using, and with this we are able to open our store and it makes sense immediately. it is intuitive.

- Alysa Rivers, Director of Compliance

Temeka Group

GreenSpacePro has given me peace of mind as I build out my projects for all our major brands in the cannabis industry. It has increased productivity and is now part of my daily routine.

- Paul Nieboer, Principal

WeCann / CREC

GreenSpacePro simplifies the complex cannabis landscape into something manageable. It's a game changer for us.

- Meilad Rafiei, President of Licensing and Compliance

Beak and Skiff

GreenSpacePro allows us to monitor all our supplier licenses and keep compliant with our growing business into the cannabis industry. It is a versatile tool that has allowed us to get rid of Asana and streamline our processes.

- Caitlin Boland, Compliance and Certification Assistant Manager

A technology-based solution
for cannabis operators

Improve your operational workflow with an effective and simple project management tool.

Benefits of using GreenSpacePro

Improve Workflow

Manage any type of project, from licensing and construction to marketing campaigns and M&A activities across departments and team members.

Stay Compliant

Monitor compliance tasks with expertly created checklists. Customize templates to meet regulatory requirements in your jurisdiction.

Avoid Penalties

Add expiration dates to licenses and permits to receive automatic renewal reminders. Track permits and tax deadlines on one platform.

Get Organized

Keep Track of all your licenses and locations, and the associated projects, staff, and contractors for each facility. Assign tasks to employees and teams with important files and projects.


Work together on projects and initiatives. Follow progress with shared timelines, group comments and notifications. Never miss a deadline with assigned tasks and due dates.

File Sharing

Create different permissions for different groups of employees, to enable file sharing on a need-to-know basis. Maintain your privacy with dedicated sharing permissions.

Endless Customer Support

Our customer success team is continously available to you.

From the beginning, we will assign a GreenSpacePro expert to your account who will be responsible for uploading your important documents into a private virtual file-cabinet.

In addition, our customer success team will templatize your standard operating procedures (SOP) in GreenSpacePro so you can reuse them with a click of a button.

Our white-glove onboarding service will leave you feeling confident implementing GreenSpacePro in your locations.