Our Mission

Our passion is solving our customers problems.

Greenspace is a product of AnamiTech, a maker of purpose-built software for the cannabis industry. We help cannabis businesses operate more efficiently and stay compliant and help government agencies and financial institutions connect with those businesses. AnamiTech applications translate complex processes into easy-to-follow tasks, both for operators and regulators, easing the regulatory burden for all stakeholders.

AnamiTech is the brainchild of Mike Wilson, a veteran entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Temeka Group, an interior design and construction company serving international brands like Nike,
Vans, and the Los Angeles Clippers. More recently, Temeka began serving cannabis brands and it is credited with helping design and build some of the most modern and iconic stores in the industry to date.

Our Leadership

Our Values


We simplify the complex landscape of license and operations oversight, project management and regulatory compliance in the cannabis industry (multiple markets) and consolidate them into one easy to use platform.


Greenspace is committed to providing quality software solutions to help navigate your cannabis business while helping you stay compliant with state and local regulations through our templates and easy to use self-audits.


Greenspace provides simple user-friendly steps to manage your licenses and permits, hold employees accountable, remediate any potential issues, and ultimately mitigate the risk associated with non-compliance.

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Improve Workflow

Manage any type of project, from licensing and construction to marketing campaigns and M&A activities across departments and team members.

Stay Compliant

Monitor compliance tasks with expertly created checklists. Customize templates to meet regulatory requirements in your jurisdiction.

Avoid Penalties

Add expiration dates to licenses and permits to receive automatic renewal reminders. Track permits and tax deadlines on one platform.

Get Organized

Keep Track of all your licenses and locations, and the associated projects, staff, and contractors for each facility. Assign tasks to employees and teams with important files and projects.


Work together on projects and initiatives. Follow progress with shared timelines, group comments and notifications. Never miss a deadline with assigned tasks and due dates.

File Sharing

Create different permissions for different groups of employees, to enable file sharing on a need-to-know basis. Maintain your privacy with dedicated sharing permissions.