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How to Apply for a Cannabis License Part 4 - Building Permits

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

This is the fourth article in our five part series on applying for a cannabis license.

The vast majority of construction projects —whether minor renovations or new, full-scale residential or commercial buildings—require building permits from the local building department. Cannabis businesses are no different, and they sometimes face extra scrutiny.

  • After the cannabis license and Conditional Use Permit are approved, the applicant should meet with a local code official from the building department to review all plans associated with the proposed location; floor plans, renderings, and mechanical, engineering, and plumbing plans, among others. The code official will determine if the plans meet code compliance and if a building permit is required, which depends on how significant the construction or renovation will be.

  • If a building permit is necessary, the applicant will have to submit a building permit application to the city and include the plans reviewed by the code official, incorporating any changes recommended by the official.

  • The local building department will review the final plans and either make a determination to approve the building permit or make further recommendations for changes in plans and design. The permit will then be approved once these recommendations are incorporated.

  • With the building permit issued, the applicant will coordinate the required inspections with the local building department. Onsite inspections will occur throughout the buildout and upon completion of the project.

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