Failing to Understand how your Business is Successful

Many organizations are experiencing substantial and continuous growth. At times, the size of growth can be unexpected, and companies become reactive instead of proactive. A common mistake is updating or creating standard operating procedures (SOP) quickly to accommodate the growth. Implementing new processes without planning and testing can be inefficient compared to the competition which will cause long term damage.

Sink or Swim

Understanding the reasoning behind growth in a fast-paced environment is the difference between a sustainable business model and a struggling company. To get a closer look at the reasoning behind losing market share or missing opportunities, an operator should identify pain points, close existing gaps, and streamline processes.

How to Write an Effective SOP

  1. Create a list of processes: Decide what processes you would like to create an SOP for. Utilize your team for this step.
  2. Identify your audience: Knowing who will be utilizing the SOP the most will help you decide on what language to use. Ask yourself, who will read the SOP? Are they new employees? What prior knowledge do they have?
  3. Define the Objectives: Begin with the end in mind. What do you want the person reading the SOP to achieve once they are finished reading?
  4. Choose a Format: How will the information be delivered? Step-by-step with visuals? A flowchart with different outcomes? A video?
  5. Write the SOP: First, have the person who has first hand knowledge collect the steps/content. Next, create the document in the chosen format. Finally, have someone with no-how test the SOP to ensure it is clear and there are no missing steps.

Understanding and continuously evolving and refining your organization can be daunting; there are a lot of moving pieces, like prioritizing the right deliverables, making sure they add the most amount of value, picking the right IT tool that is robust enough to support your whole business, but easy enough that you don't have to spend much time learning a new tool on top of learning and mapping your business.

How GreenSpacePro Can Help

Each business is unique and has its own identity, culture, process, and products. However, there are some common issues all companies experience. That is why we designed GreenSpacePro to be a robust software and proven tool allowing a company to maintain operation while finding areas for improvement.

We have gathered a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary group of experts to create a customer-centric tool that helps businesses operate more efficiently, stay compliant, and translate complex problems into easy-to-digest templates and tasks.

Our customers are getting the right level of complexity and reliability that will help take their organization to the next level. With our “customer first” approach, we are continuously improving our software based on all recommendations we get from our customers in a wide variety of industries.