Sharepoint Instructions

I've created a tutorial to simplify the process of adding users to SharePoint. The primary objective is to grant users access to the document library, and this tutorial will walk you through the necessary steps. If you need to modify the links within the images, you can do so by selecting the "Edit" dropdown option located just above the images. Simply click on the image you wish to edit, and you can start updating the document library location. Please keep in mind that the respective user must have the necessary permissions to view the document(s).


Click on the "Documents" link





Step 2:

Select the folder you want to give user access to and click on the 3 dots to bring up the menu. Click on "Manage access".





Step 3

As you navigate through the "Manage Access" view, you have the option to include users or groups to whom you'd like to provide access. For instance, let's consider Sarah as an example. To proceed, click on the three dots located at the top to access the "Advanced Settings" menu.





Step 4:

Once you're on this page, you'll find yourself in the SharePoint permissions view. Within this view, you have the ability to assign permissions to users for specific folders or files. Since we've chosen the "Admin - Operations" folder, these permissions apply exclusively to that particular folder. If we had chosen an individual file, the procedure would remain the same. Now, proceed by clicking the "Grant Permissions" button to designate a user.





Step 5:

Next, enter the name of the user or group you wish to provide permissions to. In this instance, I'll input Sarah's name as an example. If you want a specific user to have access to all the folder's contents, you can simply check the "Share everything..." box. Additionally, you have the option to send an email invitation to notify the user of their access to the file or folder. Now, you can specify the permission level for the user. If you choose "Restricted View," the user will be able to view the contents of the file or folder but won't have the ability to download them.





Step 6:

Now you can see the user added to the permissions view. As you can see, only Sarah and Admins currently have access to the folder.





Final Step:

Now, as evident from the updated list of permissions, there have been modifications made. Sarah has been granted "Edit" permissions. Should "Full" permissions be assigned, she would then assume the "Owner" role for the folder.