Project Management:
Nuisance or Not?

Many of today’s cannabis operators wonder if they need project management. A common misconception is project managers are an unnecessary overhead because they "don’t deliver" and often "get in the way".


The truth is, building a brand without good project management is a false economy. It can be expensive and at times considered a budget burden – as much as 20% of the overall project budget – but cannabis is fragmented and for this reason is known to have a lack of organization. Finding the right tools can be the key to your company's success.

Can you afford not having project management?

What will hold the team and client together? Who will navigate through the ups, downs, and failures of projects?

Great project management means much more than keeping the iron triangle in check (delivering on time, budget, and project scope); it unites clients and teams, creates a vision for a successful project, and gets everyone on the same page of what’s needed to stay on track for success. When projects are managed properly, there’s a positive impact that reverberates beyond the delivery of "the stuff".

Why is project management important?

Strategic Alignment

In identifying a solid business case, and being methodical about calculating ROI, project management ensures deliverables are correct, valuable, and on-time. The team controls time management to keep the project from veering off course while confirming the project goals closely align with the strategic business goals. Project management can also help your company to prepare for emerging risks that could develop into greater issues leading to failure to meet the business needs which would cause unnecessary expenses.

Risk Management

Risk management is critical to project success. Having a robust process around the identification, management, and mitigation of risk is what helps prevent risks from becoming major issues. Naturally, risks should be prioritized according to the likelihood of them occurring, and appropriate responses are allocated per risk. Project management software can assist with this. Projects never go to plan, and how we deal with change and adapt our project management plan is a key to delivering projects successfully.

Continuous Oversight

Status reporting might sound boring and unnecessary – and if everything’s going to plan, it can just feel like documentation for documentation’s sake. However, ensuring a project is tracking properly against the original plan is critical to a project staying on track. When proper reporting is in place you can anticipate deviatiations from its intended course. The earlier you are able to catch these trends, the easier it will be to get the project back on track.

How GreenSpacePro Can Help

GreenSpacePro is an excellent and proven tool not only in the cannabis industry, but in any franchise or municipality that relies on project management and team collaboration for their success. We would love to show you more about our software solution and how it can help you run and organize your business like so many of our other clients.