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Cannabis Banking: How to find a program in an underbanked industry.

Currently no major banking system will service the cannabis industry. However, banking is necessary for theft, cost, efficiency, future planning, and to accept non-cash payments. Tim Morland with Abaca joins the GreenSpacePro team in this webinar to guide business owners in the cannabis industry on what you need to achieve affordable financial services built for cannabis operators.

New York Cannabis Security and Compliance Best Practices

Learn about detailed and nuanced security from Tony Gallo with Sapphire Risk and compliance expectations of New York licensure and processing programs from the team at Castetter Cannabis Group, as well as a unique tool (GreenSpacePro) that can ease and streamline the cannabis licensing process.

New York Cannabis Compliance made Simple

Castetter Cannabis Group and GreenSpacePro guide New York through the compliance expectations in NY’s conditional cultivation and processing programs.

Building Your Dream Dispensary with Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson is the Founder and President of Temeka Group and AnamiTech, creator of GreenSpacePro. He utilizes his strong leadership and management skills to oversee the job, from design to installation. Today, we have an amazing in depth conversation with Mike Wilson, the founder of Temeka Group and AnamiTech. Mike has been in the business for 31 years working to build everything from the Lakers fan store to huge cannabis retail stores. And Mike shares some insights for someone that might be wanting to create their own cannabis dispensary or retail store. He talks about how important the layout of your store is to customer experience, customer service, security.‍ He gives some insights on how you can use technology to really leverage your brand. And some creative things that Temeka Group is doing to help with compliance and give that customer experience a whole new level of just fun and delight, really for a customer, walking into a cannabis retail store to interact with the product in a brand new way.‍ Podcast by Kaya Cast from KayaPush.

Running an Efficient and Compliant Dispensary

Chris Lara heads up the Product and Business Development at GreenSpacePro and is a Strategic Advisor to the Temeka Group. In this episode of the podcast we chat with Chris Lara from GreenSpacePro about what it takes to start an efficient and compliant dispensary. We also chat about the challenges facing cannabis retailers and how implementing a project management solution from the beginning of your business will help you grow and succeed in the cannabiz! Podcast by Kaya Cast from KayaPush.