Three must-have types of technology to operate in the cannabis industry

When we first think of cannabis, technology might not be the first thought out of the gate. The role of technology in the cannabis industry has increased significantly in the last few years. With more states legalizing the use of medicinal and recreational cannabis, the market is turning to cutting-edge technology to optimize all aspects of their business; From security concerns, crop management, product distribution, Information Technology (IT) solutions and even Software as a Solution (SaaS) services to help manage business initiatives and governmental requirements.

Access Control Security

The possibility of exposure to crime in the cannabis industry has increase due to a 40% growth in sales in 2021 across the United States. Large cash-only transactions are a liability and safety issue for cannabis businesses. Many cannabis operators are turning to advanced security technology to protect themselves against theft and other criminal activity. Cloud-based access control security empowers dispensaries and cultivation facilities to maintain a safe environment for employees and decrease liability for the company.

“Many state regulator agencies require an audit trail into limited or restricted access areas. One of the easiest ways to keep track of these records is to utilize your access control system. This information is logged and will include information on the employee, date, and time they entered these areas. Many access control systems can also integrate with your video surveillance system, providing visual confirmation of the employee who presented their credentials to gain entry.”

-Haley Glover, Senior Security Consultant at Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

Internet of Things (IoT) Automation

Many cannabis cultivators have turned to IoT technology, including agricultural sensors to connect their growing operations and manipulate the environment. The temperamental nature of cannabis plant require attention to detail and a rigid schedule.

With the help of IoT solutions, cultivators can trace their product from seed-to-sale by using tracking IDs to identify plants from the germination process and follow them as they grow, then are harvested, dried, and sold. Such rigorous tracking allows the government to oversee the industry and trace back to any problem cases, while adding transparency to the entire supply chain to the consumer.

“To help cultivators meet their traceability requirements and stay in compliance with annual cultivation report deliverables, SaaS companies like GreenSpacePro have created seed-to-sale tracking documents to help growers stay organized and communicate easily with government officials.”

-Ed Linetskiy, Chief Compliance Officer for GreenSpacePro by AnamiTech

IT Tools for Business Management and Governance

“Being in the cannabis business for several years I was able to see first-hand the pitfalls of disorganization and fragmentation in the industry as a whole.”

-Chris Lara, Chief Product Officer for GreenSpacePro by AnamiTech

Part of technology is keeping up and excelling with the current trend of customer success with methodology of a cannabis project and license management. Having a purpose-built software solution to keep a business organized is essential to operating in the cannabis industry. Choosing the right software will allow a business owner to improve their operational workflow.

How GreenSpacePro can help

As a SaaS based license management and project driven software, GreenSpacePro will help you with project and file organization to meet your daily and monthly requirements. We focus on pre-built compliance and business templates as well as create a versatile environment to build out a your own projects or SOPs to help organize and boost productivity in any aspect of your business. Our proven white-glove service is applied to all our clients to ensure the success of not only your GreenSpacePro adoption but your business operation.

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