How due date notifications work for tasks and files.

GreenSpacePro automatically notifies you as your project tasks and file due dates are approaching. You will be notified 90, 60, 45, 30, 14, and 7 days out from the due date. You will also be notified on the due date, and a warning icon will appear for due and overdue items.

If you want to enable notifications you must select an Assignee for the task or file when you are setting the Due Date. GreenSpacePro will automatically notify task and file assignees.

GreenSpacePro notifications include:

  1. app notifications - due dates and warning icons will appear next to their respective tasks and files, as well on your Home screen under To-Dos. 
  2. browser notifications - if enabled on sign up or under Settings. 
  3. email notifications - reminder emails sent to Assignee(s) at regular intervals. 
  4. calendar notifications - if enabled under Settings; Greenspace tasks and files will appear on their due dates when you connect your Outlook, Google, or other calendar.