January 23, 2023 - Version 1.10.12


  1. GreenGovPro - request to add “Submission” in the Create Project drop-down.
  2. GreenGovPro and GreenSpacePro – request to change the term “inspection” to “Submission” or “Project” including:
  • GSP and GGP Homepage > Inspection to “Submission”
  • GSP Location > GreenGov > Archive Inspection to “Archive Submission”
  • GGP Location > Compliance > Inspection to “Submission”
  • GGP and GSP Settings > Notification > Inspection to “Project”
  • GGP > Compliance/project > Inspection type to “Type”
  • GGP > Compliance Project > Tooltip > “You cannot edit the inspection once it has been assigned to a location” to “submission”
  • GGP > Compliance Project > Location Tooltip > “Determines if the inspection will be completed by the operator or an official” “project.”
  1. GreenGovPro – Create Page – Change “Inspection Due Date” to “Due Date”.
  2. GreenGovPro – Create Page – Type Field > Field (Completed by Inspector)” change to “Field (Completed by Gov)”
  3. GreenGovPro Submission Approval – “Are you sure you want to approve this inspection” to “Are you sure you want to approve this submission”.


January 25, 2023

  1. GSP and GGP – Mobile view issue – when viewing using mobile phone or tablet Location’s sections is getting the COG error especially when opening Location sections.

FIXED: User is now able to view using mobile and no COG error is showing up when clicking location sections.


  1. Location – New Location section not showing in mobile view.

FIXED: User is now able to see New Location section in mobile view.


  1. GSP – Some users cannot access projects due to cache issue.

FIXED: User can now access project after the redeployment.


  1. Location Sections – not showing the correct sections in mobile view.

FIXED: Locations sections “Shop Drawings” is now updated to “Drawings” in mobile view


January 27, 2023

  1. Request from Cohen – To transfer 8 templates “Templates for OCM” from GSP to a workplace/company Office of Cannabis Management in GreenGovPro


February 1, 2023

  1. Location – Comment notification – when tagging a user in a comment on Location, it is not sending an email notification to the user

FIXED: it is now sending email notification to the user


  1. Location- Comment notification – email notification “view comment” is not being directed to the correct location where comment/s have been made or tagged.

FIXED: User is now redirected to the correct location and comment section.