February, 13-17 2023 - Version 1.10.16


February 13-14, 2023

  1. Bug Fixes and Improvement of the current Task Notifications “Task Due Soon” and File Expiration Notification – “Resource/File Expiring Soon”.
  2. Task Notifications improvement for “Task Due Soon”:
  1. c
  2. Updated the “Task Due Soon” email subject. Users immediately see in their email inbox/subject the name of task that is expiring or due soon.
  • The sending of email notifications interval has been improved to ensure that users receive all task notifications particularly the “Task Due Soon” flow.


  1. File Notifications – “Resource / File Expiring Soon” Notifications improvement:
  1. Enhancement of the current “File Expiring Soon” notifications and ensure that the users are receiving the correct notifications to help and remind them of the files they need to review ahead of time.
  2. This includes the Files with “90 days, 60 days, 30 days, 14 days, 7 days, 1 day, day of expiration” should send a “File Expiring Soon” email notifications to users that has been added to the file/s as well as the file owner.
  • Updated the “File Expiring Soon” flow email subject including the file name for the user to see what file is expiring.
  1. All These items are working as expected on app.greenspacepro.com