September 19, 2022 - Version 1.3.8

  • In-app notification – GreenGovPro/ GreenSpacePro - For assigned inspections, this will have both email and in-app notification for inspections/ Projects created by the Governance for their Operators
  • Show Archived Inspection – GreenGovPro/ GreenSpacePro beside the “Action items” and “Submitted” Tabs there is a new column called “Archived inspections” for approved inspections in the GreenGov Tab of GreenspacePro so the operator can view but cannot edit the archived project as proof that they have submitted it to GreeenGovPro.
  • View archived projects and inspections – GreenGovPro/ GreenSpacePro - Archive compliance/inspection/project should be viewable, and file can be downloaded but users will not be able to edit it.
  • Copy project on publish template – GreenGovPro/ GreenSpacePro - Business and Gov - Project - Template – Duplicates the Project Automatically on "Active Projects" if the user Publishes it to a Template. This is to ensure that the original project is not deleted.
  • News Banner – GreenGovPro/ GreenSpacePro - Top Listed Banner in and that when clicked it will take the user to the Website and list the new, upcoming features and bug fixes.